23rd April, 2024: Educational outing to Nsonji Lake, New Sendenyu

An educational outing to Nsonji Lake, New Sendenyu was organised on 23rd April, 2024 for the 6th Semester Education Honours students. The Faculties of Education Department and the students had a breathtaking and an incredible experience through the alluring touch with the nature adding more understanding towards the need of knowledge acquired through outside of the classroom.

6th March 2024: Faculty Exchange Programme in collaboration between Faculties of Kohima College, Department of Education & Faculties of Alder College, Department of Education

A Faculty Exchange Programme was held on 6th March, 2024, where two faculties from Alder College, Education Department, Dr. Medotsino Nakhro and Dr. Keneiseno Chase took two periods with the 6th Semester Education Honours students. They took topics based on the Honours papers. The students as well as the faculties of both the colleges had an engaging and enriching experience.

3rd November, 2023: Department of Education, Educational Trip to Chida-Post

With an objective to renew the knowledge and gain practical experiences, the Department of education took the 1st Semester Education Honours students for an educational trip to Chida-Post on 3rd November, 2023. Through this trip, the Students and the Faculties had the opportunity to learn and appreciate the values of our rich environment thereby refreshing their knowledge and experiences.

17th April, 2023: Book launch of “Basics of Educational Research” by Dr. Visiezolie Yashü (Associate Professor), Department of Education, Kohima College

On 17th April, 2023, a book titled “Basics of Educational Research” authored by Dr. Visiezolie Yashü, Associate Professor, Department of Education was released by S. Phangnon Konyak, Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha).

1st April, 2023: Department of Education, Field Trip to Dzuleke

A field trip for the 2nd Semester students was organized by the Department of Education on 1st April 2023 at Dzüleke. The faculties and the students had a rejuvenating and an enthralling experience through the beauty, cleanliness, and the uniqueness of the environment.

22nd March, 2023: Essay Competition themed “Guidance and Counselling in Education”

An Essay Competition on the topic, “Guidance and Counselling in Education” was organised for the 6th Semester students on 22nd March, 2023. A cash prize of Rs 1000/- was given to the winner, along with certificates for all the participants.