21st September, 2022: Department of Commerce organised a Zumba day themed “We care for our physical & mental wellbeing”, Kohima College, Kohima

This programme was intended for the students & faculties of the Department & approximately around 100 of them participated in the programme. The primary objective of the programme was to create awareness & sensitise the students about mental & physical wellbeing for a healthy lifestyle. The programme was intended to create a sense of community amongst the students & faculties & to build confidence of the students as well. Through this exercise the students were given an opportunity to express themselves & learn to foster a community of trust & healthy genuine friendship.

25th July, 2022: Department of Commerce organised a One-Day Workshop on MOOCs with a sponsorship from the Directorate of Higher Education, Nagaland

The resource persons were Dr Ratan Kaurinta, Assc Professor, Department of Commerce, Nagaland University & A Morimenba Amer, Joint Director, NEILIT, Kohima. The workshop was chaired by Akono Phira, Asst. Professor, Dept of Commerce. The welcome address was delivered by Keneilesa Neikha, Vice Principal, Kohima College. The valedictory session & vote of thanks was proposed by Vekhosa Thingo, Asst. Professor, Dept. of Commerce. The recorders for the workshop were Ngiplon Rachel Chohwanglim, Asst. Prof. &  Nozosenuo Navita Puyo, Asst. Professor. Around 400 participants attended the workshop.

The primary aim of the workshop was to sensitise the student community on various courses & skill-based courses available to students though the SWAYAM platform. The workshop consisted of two technical sessions. The first session – “Introduction to MOOCs & Courses through SWAYAM Platform” – was deliberated by Dr Ratan Kaurinta. The second session – “Introduction to ICT & its Basic Concept in Higher Education” – was deliberated by A Morimenba Amer. The Q&A session facilitated further discussions on certain pertinent points on the topic.

26th April, 2022: Department of Commerce organised an educational trip to Japfü Dzü – Mineral Water Plant at Kipfüzha, Kigwema Village, Kohima District

Approximately around 100 students & 4 faculty members from Commerce Department participated in this Educational Trip. The primary objective of this educational trip was to undertake experiential learning on Project Management with the following learning objectives:

  1. To learn about the forms of Project organisation
  2. To learn how performance analysis is done
  3. To understand the pre-requisites for successful Project Implementation

The students were able see the mineral water plant & experience first-hand the process of refining & purifying water. The students also had a fruitful discussion with the co-owner of the mineral water plant. The students were able to apply textual knowledge & applications of various concepts which enhanced the textual understanding of the subject.

After the visit to the Mineral Water Plant the students tracked up to the Pony Farm, Kigwema for Lunch. Pony farm is a semi-government undertaking for rearing cattle in the state. The students & the faculties also took this opportunity to hike up to Mount Soho, Kigwema. On the way up the mountain & down, the students learned the importance of conserving & preserving the nature. The natural beauty & pollution free nature should be the duty of each individual to preserve & nurture.

Overall, this educational trip has been a fulfilling & enriching experience for the students. Witnessing the benefits & the positive response of the students towards the trip, the Department is encouraged to organised such educational trip even in the near future.

11th March, 2022: Department of Commerce organised a talk on “Entrepreneurship” in collaboration with IQAC, Kohima College

This talk on “Entrepreneurship” was organised by the Department of Commerce, Kohima College, Kohima for the students of the Department. The resource person for the talk was Lichan Humtsoe, Founder & CEO of Été Coffee Roasters Kohima. The Programme was chaired by Akono Phira, Asst. Professor, Department of Commerce who also delivered the welcome address. A special song was presented by students of B. Com 6th semester. Vekhosa Thingo, Asst. Professor, Department of Commerce, proposed the vote of thanks. The rapporteurs for the talk were Ayesha Begum, Rukuzo Swuro & Weriu Kapfo. Approximately 89 students & 4 faculties members of the department attended. The primary objective of this talk was to supplement content delivery on the subject ‘Entrepreneurship’, which is part of B. Com course syllabus. The resource person with his varied experience brought forward insightful perspective on the intricacies of the business world. The talk was followed by Q&A session where a good number of students participated.

28th August, 2021: Departments of Commerce & Sociology organised an Inter-Departmental Webinar

The webinar was chaired by Jimokali Z. Zhimomi, Asst Prof, Department of Sociology & a welcome note by Viserenuo Theunuo, Asst Prof, Department of Sociology. The panel had two paper presenters—Vekhosa Thingo, Department of Commerce paper on “Investing in Stocks: Basic Introduction on How to Trade & Invest in Stocks” & Seneli Apon Rengma, Department of Sociology’s paper titled “Collective Consciousness on Death & Bereavement, with special reference to the Rengma Nagas”. The vote of thanks was proposed by Ngiplon Rachel Chohwanglim, Asst Prof, Department of Commerce. The Recorders were Akono Phira & Nozosenuo Navita Puyo, both Asst Profs from the Department of Commerce.

13th August, 2021: Department of Commerce organised an online essay competition themed “75 Years of India’s Development Journey: Building a Self-Reliant India (Aatmanirbhar Bharat)” in collaboration with IQAC, KCK

Commemorating India’s 75 Years of Independence (Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav), the Department of Commerce, Kohima College, Kohima in collaboration with IQAC organised the Online Essay Competition on the theme 75 Years of India’s Development Journey: Building a Self-Reliant India (Aatmanirbhar Bharat) for the undergraduate students of Kohima College. The total number of students who registered for the competition was 13 out of which 8 students made the submission to the competition. The competition had participants from both B.A. and B. Com students. The Organising Committee selected the best 3 essays based on 3 criteria—originality, structure & idea/concept. The best three essays were awarded with cash prizes which was sponsored by the College Office. The first prize winner received Rs. 4000/-, the second prize winner received Rs. 3000/- & the third prize winner received Rs. 2000/-. As a reward for their participation all participants were awarded with an e-certification of appreciation. The following students are the winners of the Online Essay Competition 2021: First Prize – Thangsoi B (B.A. 1st Semester) Second Prize – Bwenchweli Lorin (B. Com 1st Semester) Third Prize – Kethosekonuo Meyase (B. Com 3rd Semester)

30th June, 2021: Department of Commerce in collaboration with National Centre for Financial Education (NCFE) organised a virtual workshop through Webex on Financial Awareness & Consumer Training (FACT)

The resource person for the workshop was Dr Sudipto Ghosh, NCFE trainer for North Eastern States. The online programme was 2 hours in duration. The primary objective of the workshop was to provide financial education to college students on relevant topics with an aim to positively impact the financial well-being of student community. Approximately 78 participants, including the four faculties of the Department, attended the workshop. The workshop was chaired by Vekhosa Thingo, Asst Professor, Department of Commerce. The welcome address was delivered by Akono Phira, Asst Professor, Department of Commerce. The following were the student rapporteurs: Tseihulie Viyie (4th Semester), Moabenla Longkumer (4th Semester), Yewang Konyak (2nd Semester) & Mhasilenuo Usuo (2nd Semester).

26th March, 2021: Department of Commerce organised a Financial Awareness Programme in collaboration with IQAC, Kohima College, Kohima & Young Indians themed “Financial Literacy”

The resource person for the seminar was Kvulo Lorin, Director, Testso College, Dimapur. Lorin is also a channel partner for Sapient World Advisors with work experiences in Hyderabad & Bangalore as a customer service associate with First American & also as an assistant manager at Franklin Templeton Investments. His practical expertise & knowledge on the subject brought insightful stories making the seminar an enriching learning experience.

The objective of the seminar was to bring together undergraduate students from Commerce Department to foster the importance of saving & investing. One of the primary foci of the seminar was to encourage students to plan & to start investing early in their careers so as to enjoy the benefits of early investments. Approximately 90 students & 4 faculties from the department attended the seminar.

27th November, 2020: Department of Commerce organised a webinar themed “Entrepreneurship Ecosystem in Nagaland: Cataclysmic Effects of Covid-19 Pandemic” in collaboration with IQAC, Kohima College, Kohima

The resource person of the webinar wasNeichuto Doulo, Coordinator (CEO), Entrepreneurs Associates (EA). The webinar was hosted by Rachel Ngiplon Chohwanglim, Asst Prof, Department of Commerce, Kohima College also HOD through zoom online platform.

20th November, 2020: Department of Commerce Faculty participated in a webinar on “Investor Awareness Programme” organised by the NSE ISF

The resource persons for the seminar were Kennedy Rina, Manager, SEBI, Chandan Goswami, Central Head, NSE, & Niladri Malakar, Deputy Manager, NSE. The total number of participants was 45 from Nagaland. The 4 faculties from the Dept. of Commerce, Kohima college, Kohima participated in the program. The webinar focused on 4 objectives—framework of investing, market mechanism, asset classes & investing tools.