18th March, 2023: Department of Sociology organised a Field Trip to Rusoma village

Department of Sociology organised a fieldtrip to Rusoma village on 18th March 2023. The department chose to visit this particular village due to its rich folklore & oral traditions. The most famous one is the legendary folklore of Sopfünuo which has been passed down orally. 42 students from 6th Semester (Sociology Honours) were thus accompanied by  4 faculty members from Sociology Department namely Assistant Professors—Seneli Apon Rengma, Purlemla Longkumer, Aosangla Longkumer and Viserenuo Theuno.

The objective of this fieldtrip is to make the students know the importance of folklore, familiarized with village life and to preserve this rich culture. The objectives was achieved as the students has keen interest when the elderly man from this village Mr Kethoselie Zhale narrated the entire story of Sopfunuo and her daughter who were both metamorphosed into stone of human shape.

There was also an interaction where the students poured out numerous questions regarding the time and the year when this incident happen, the name of the husband or even the daughter names,etc. This fieldtrip was a very successful one as it not only benefited the students but even the teachers.