Academic Rules

  1. A Student must fulfill 75% (NU) attendance.
  2. No Student shall be permitted to change any subject of study after passing B.A.I Semester I.
  3. In matters relating to dropping of Honours Transfers & Backlogs, the college will strictly follow the notifications issued by N.U.
  4. Any student may be debarred from appearing examinations (Internal/External) on account of gross violation of college rules and Regulations, Misconduct, Bad Character, Disrespect to college authority, Faculty, Staff or non- payment of any fees of the college, and Nagaland University.
  5. Admission to Honours subject is prerogative of the college authority/ HOD of the concerned department. Separate Test will be conducted for the student opting Honours subject after admission. If anyone is found to be below the prescribed standard required in the test result, he/she will be compelled to drop the Honours subject.
  6. All Information pertaining to college admission/examinations/administration and other related matters will be notified in the Notice Board of the college, and urgent matters will be published in Local Papers. Student must be aware of such information notified/published from time to time by the college authority.