May, 2021: Oral Story-Telling Competition in collaboration with IQAC, KCK

Themed Reliving our culture, one story at a time, this Oral Storytelling activity was proposed keeping in mind the importance of the Oral tradition in the culture of the Naga tribes, & also for the need for inclusivity by encouraging non-Naga students to also participate by opening the competition to all.
The winners of the competition were:
• 1st place: Themshao Khiamniungan, BA 6th semester, Roll No. 141, Section D
• 2nd place: Thejavizo Venuh, BA 2 nd semester, Roll No. 45, Section B
• 3rd place: Pelevinuo Jalho, BA 6 th semester, Roll No. 73, Section C

Cultural Club part 1
Cultural Club part 2