6th September, 2023: Visit to the Kohima College Tribal Museum by 1st Semester History Honours students

81 1st semester students from the Honours programme of the Department of History accompanied by 2 faculty members visited the Kohima College Tribal Museum
The visit to the museum was educational, learning based, & provided the students invaluable knowledge. The young minds were thrilled to journey through the museum and get a glimpse of the artifacts displayed, all within the comfort of the college campus.
The students expressed that it was an amazing experience to explore and learn about the culture and heritage of the Naga people.
It may be mentioned that the Kohima College Tribal Museum was inaugurated on July 31, 2017, and was an initiative of former Principal of Kohima College, Dr. Watijungshi Jamir.

17th February, 2023: Department of History organised an educational trip for 6th Semester students opting for the History Honours Programme to the Department of Art & Museum’s 2nd World War Museum, Kisama, Kohima district

24 students from the 6th semester History Honours Programme were accompanied by 5 faculty members from the Department of History to the Department of Art & Museum’s 2nd World War Museum at Kisama, Kohima district as part of the students’ educational experience of world history.