Associate Professor (HOD)


Email: ayn4ao@gmail.com

Abeni Zuchamo,

Associate Professor


Email: zuchamoabeni@gmail.com

Nohol Rhetso,

Associate Professor


Email: nohole.rhetso@gmail.com

Vezhosa Ringa,

Associate Professor


Email: vezhosaringa@gmail.com

Tenosenuo Angami,

Associate Professor

M.A. (Nagaland University)
Email: tenoseno@gmail.com


Paper presented:

  1. (2020) “Indigenous Salt production of the Nagas”, at the Two Days Multi-Disciplinary International Webinar on Social Formation and Cultural Development of North East India and the Neighbouring Regions, Organised by Research Cell, Don Bosco College, Kohima in collaboration with Kohima Educational Society/Kohima Educational Trust Kohima

Dr Eunice Alinger,

Assistant Professor

PhD on “An Environmental History of Nagaland with Reference to Water Resources: 1881 to 2005” (UGC NET) (Nagaland University)
MA (Delhi University)
Email: alingereunice@gmail.com

Awards: Students Choice of the Year by Kohima College Students’ Council 2017-2018
Chapters in books
I. (2021) “Water Scarcity, a Myth? Kohima: A Case study”, in Historical Development in North East India 2021 (Lanukumla Ao Ed.), pp.114-123, Research India Press, New Delhi
II. (2019) “Water Management Challenges in Nagaland”, in Integrated Land Use Management in the Eastern Himalayas, Vol.3, (Karlyn Eckman, Samadangla Ao, Laltanpuii Ralte, Mhathung Yanthan Eds.), pp.43-56, Akansha Publishing House, New Delhi

I. (2015) “Commodification of Water in Nagaland”, Impressions Research Journal, Kohima College, Volume 3: ISSN 2278 4624
II. (2014) “The Development of British Colonial Environmental laws:
The Forest Administration in the Naga Hills 1881-1947”, Impressions Research Journal, Kohima College, Volume 2: ISSN 2278 4624
III. (2014) “Traditional Management of Water in Nagaland: A Case study of Kohima District”, Changemaker, an Academic Journal: ISSN 2348-7747
IV. (2011) “Role of the Middle Class and the Educated Elites in the Socio-Political awakening of North East India”, Impressions Research Journal, Kohima College, Volume 1: ISSN-2278-4624
Papers presented
I. (2019) “Emergence of Water as a Commodity in Nagaland: The Kohima Narrative” at the International Seminar on Understanding Water Crises: The Way forward, Organised by Synod College, Shillong, in collaboration with P.A. Sangma Foundation & Institute of Natural Resources (Meghalaya Basin Development Authority)
Government Publications
I. (2014) “Nagaland Before Statehood”, in Nagaland 1963-2013 Fifty Years On, Government of Nagaland

Rukuovonuo Dozo,

Assistant Professor


MA (University of Pune)
Email: rukuovonuodozo@gmail.com


I. (2020-2021) “The Morung System in Chakhesang Community”, Impressions Research Journal, Vol 6: ISSN 2278 4624
II. (2017-2018) “Major Festivals of the Chakhesang Tribe”, Impressions Research Journal, Vol 5: ISSN 2278 4624

Papers Presented
I. (2019) “The Sukrenye of Chakhesang Tribe”, at the Inter-departmental Seminar, Organised by Research Cell, Kohima College, Kohima

Vitsolenuo Yhome,

Assistant Professor


MPhil on “Women in Angami Society” (JNU)
MA (UGC NET) (Delhi University)
Email: lenuovitsolenuo@gmail.com

Grace Seb,

Assistant Professor


B.Ed. (SLV College of Education, Rayalaseema University)
Email: gracekath2021@gmail.com