Departmental Profile : Tenyidie

 Shri. Mhalezolie Kire

Designation Assistant Professor, HOD
Educational Qualification M.A., Nagaland University, 1997
Teaching Experience 20 Years
Extra-curricular Duties
  • Member,RTI Cell
  • Member,Admission Committee
  • Member,Examination Committee
  • Member,College Development Committee
  • Member,Grievance Cell
  • Member,Mass Media Cell
  • Member, RUSA
  • President, KCTA
Extention Works University’s exam chief examiner, moderation, paper setting etc

 Shri. Dziesevituo Sachu

Designation Assistant Professor
Educational Qualification M.A. Tenyidie(NU), 2006
Teaching Experience 16 years
Extra-curricular Duties Member- NSS
Extension works
  • Invigilator for NPSC preliminary examination, 2015
  • University Question Setter, Evaluation.
  • Election duty as Presiding Officer, Lok Sabha
  • Treasurer, Kohima College Teachers Association 2012-2013

 Shri. Medongulie Tseikhanuo

Designation Assistant Professor
Educational Qualification M.A. Tenyidie, Nagaland University
Teaching Experience 16 Years
Papers Published
  • Nuliü (an ancient poem), published in Impressions – Kohima College
  • Research Journal-2014: ISSN 22784624
  • Socio-cultural life of Tenyimia community with special focus on the
    festivals, College Annual Magazine, 2015.

 Smti. Ako Savi

Designation Assistant Professor
Educational Qualification M.A. Tenyidie(NU)
Teaching Experience 15 years
Extra-curricular Duties
  • Member- College Editorial Board
  • Member- Student Career guidance and mentoring Cell
Extention Works
  • Invigilator for NPSC preliminary examination.
  • University Question Setter, Evaluation.
  • Presenter – College Inter- Departmental Seminar 2014
  • Angamimia Kharu mu puo zasi, published in Impressions – Kohima College Research Journal- 2015. ISSN 22784624
  • Tenyimia geizo keweko rhitho dze, published in Impressions – Kohima
    College Research Journal-2014: ISSN 22784624
  • Seyie kereimia ze kerei di lhou keba puo kemechie published in ,
    Impressions – Kohima College Research Journal-2013: ISSN 22784624
  • Üca mu geizo kesezho kruu - College Annual Magazine: 2015.
    Thetshüpeli - College Annual Magazine:2013.

 Shri. Keduolhoulie Belho

Designation Assistant Professor
Educational Qualification
  • Master of Arts : Nagaland University (2002)
  • Registered for PhD. (Tenyidie) : Nagaland University (2014)
Teaching Experience
  • Lecturer (Tenyidie) : Phek Govt. College (2003 – 2004)
  • Lecturer / Asst. Professor : Kohima College Kohima, (2004 – till date)
Extra-curricular Duties
  • Care Taker Officer (NCC Boys)
  • Convenor- Parent Teacher Association
Extention Works
  • Invigilation, Nagaland Public Service Commission, Examination
  • Question setting, Invigilation and Evaluation, Nagaland University
Specialization Interrogative and Negation in Tenyidie

Smti. Kelhoukhrienuo Sekhose

Designation Assistant Professor
Educational Qualification
  • Master of Arts (M.A.) in Tenyidie, Nagaland University, 2010.
  • Registered for Ph.D (Tenyidie), Nagaland University, 2014.
Teaching Experience
  • Asst. Professor, on contractual basis, Kohima College, Kohima: till date.
  • Assistant Professor Deptt. of Tenyidie, Nagaland University (2011- 2013)
  • Lecturer, Mt. View Christian College, Kohima (2011).
  • Asst. teacher, Mezhür Higher Secondary School, Kohima (2010)
  • Asst. Teacher, Bethel Higher Secondary School, Kohima (2009)
Extra-curricular Duties
  • Member: Research Cell
  • Secy- Skill Development
Extention Works
  • Editorial Board Member, ‘Ura Dze’ a bi-monthly literary journal of Tenyidie, a publication of Ura Academy Publication Division (2011 till date).
  • Translation works in Tenyidie:
    Legend of Krase (Paper presented & published)
    Compiled & Edited: DUOVITUO KUOLIE
    Published by: Sahitya Akademi, New Delhi.
    Year of Publication: 2013
    ISBN: 978-81-260-4220-3
    The soul of colors under the project 'The Soul of Colors,
    A Study of the Textile Traditions of the Angami, Rengma, Sumi and Lotha Naga Tribes of Nagaland' conducted by the Indira Gandhi National Center of the Arts, New Delhi and sponsored by Outreach Programs, National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad.

 Shri. Mhasivilie Zhale

Designation Assistant Professor
Educational Qualification M.A., Nagaland University
Teaching Experience
  • Lecturer/Assistant Professor, Dimapur Govt. College (2004 – 2019)
  • Assistant Professor, Kohima College, Kohima ( 2019 – till date)
Extension Works
  • As Question Paper Setter, Invigilator, Examiner and Scrutinizer in Nagaland University Examinations
  • As Observer, UGC –NET, CTET and CBSE Examinations
  • As Supervisor, Socio Economic and Caste Census
  • As District Level Master Trainer, General Assembly Election
  • As Presiding Officer, General Assembly Election
  • As Member, BUGS, Nagaland University
  • Udzürieu Ketekegei, 2013, ISBN : 978-93-80500 - 46 -1
  • Kenienuo Dzewe, 2014, ISBN : 978 - 93 - 80500 - 60 -7
  • The Traditional Rituals of Hunting with Particular Reference to Tiger : A Unique Practice of the Angami Nagas, 2015, ISSN : 2349 - 8269