14th December, 2018: Educational trip to Puliebadze Wildlife Sanctuary

Trekking to Mount Puliebadze had 2 main objectives.
Firstly, that it is a sanctuary to endangered species like Avifaunal Blyth’s Tragopan & Dark Rumped Swift; thus, it an important Avifauna Conservation Zone for Nagaland. Academic institutions like Kohima College must inculcate, understand & witness such positive pro- environmental progress.
Secondly, Mount Puliebadze was also about history—a strategic location of the Japanese invasion of Kohima, so also a site to walk upon a small part of what was World War II. Besides its trekking trials also revealed vestiges of pre-Christian tribal structures.

28th May, 2018: Educational trip to Shilloi Lake

Faculty members Lily Angami & Abeni Zhuchamo accompanied Kohima College Students’ Council members to the largest natural lake in Nagaland. Shilloi lake (or Lutsam) is more mythical than real if local legends are to be believed. It is a recognised Wetland, resting stop for migratory birds like the Siberian Cranes, also popular for birdwatching, fishing etc.

5th April, 2018: Educational trip to Nathula Pass, India-China Border

Assistant Professor Evothung Ezung accompanied selected Kohima College students to Nathula Pass, which was part of the historic Old Silk Route & today continues to be a strategic site for Sino-Indian trade. The group witnessed an important geo-political location crucial for continuing Sino-Indian discourse on inter-dependency, demilitarisation & de- securitisation.

5th March, 2018: Department of Education Educational trip to Nagaland State Museum with 6th Semester Honours Students

Faculty members of the Department of Education accompanied 6th Semester Education Honours Students to the Nagaland State Museum. Established in the year 1970 by the Nagaland Government, this Museum is a repository of traditional tribal artefacts from over 16 tribes of Nagaland—weaponry, traditional attires, traditional ornamentation, brass & silver artefacts etc

8th —14th January, 2018: Exposure trip to Sikkim

8th —14th January, 2018: Exposure trip to Sikkim

Several KCSC members of Kohima College visited Sikkim for Cultural Exposure.