Policy No: CC.KCK01
Approved by: Dr Ralimongla, Principal of Kohima College, Kohima
Effective Date: 19/02/2020
POLICY STATEMENT: On 23rd September 2019, the State Government vide Department of Higher & Technical Education Letter NO.EDS /HTE/ 5-1/2001 (VOL II, DATED Kohima the 23rd September 2019) decided to form a ‘Cultural Club’ in all the 15 Government Colleges of Nagaland for the promotion and preservation of our cultural identity. As such, Kohima College’s Cultural Club was formally launched on 19th February 2020 by Dr Ralimongla, the Principal of Kohima College, Kohima.
Cultural Club of Kohima College, Kohima endeavour towards work towards promoting in the lives and minds of its students- a need for experiencing and preserving aspects of our culture through culture based/inspired activities, events and programs.
SCOPE: The policy applies to all members of the Club and each student enrolled in Kohima College.


  1. The Advisors of the Club are responsible for:
    a. Organising or delegating work for all events related to the club, for accepting and
    vetting all ideas or concepts for any event/activity for suitability or feasibility.
    b. The Financial aspect of the Club: expenditure and audit matters.
    c. An advisor will act as the treasurer and maintain the Club’s balance sheet.
  2. The Cultural Secretary and the Assistant Cultural Secretary, KCSU:
    i. The Cultural Secretary and the Assistant Cultural Secretary, KCSU will in consultation with the Student Body KCSU formulate activities to be organised by the Club.
    ii. The Cultural Secretary of Kohima College Students Union (KCSU) will coordinate the Club’s activities and programs with the class representatives of Kohima College.
    iii. The Assistant Cultural Secretary of Kohima College Students Union (KCSU) will maintain the Club’s activity records.
  3. All Class Representatives of Kohima College: All Class representatives of Kohima College will aid in the club’s activities; either by dispensing information to the students of Kohima College, or by taking active part in the activities or programs organised by the Club.