4th May, 2021: Department of Political Science donated some Healthy Food to Goodwill Boys Hostel to aid during the scarcity of Covid-19 Pandemic lockdown


Since Covid-19 Pandemic lockdown announcement in Nagaland, the college hostels suffered from severe shortage of supplies. As such, Department of Political Science, using the Department Fund funded by its faculty, sponsored some supplies to the Goodwill Boys Hostel. The items were pork meat, Eggs, Chicken, Fruits like Watermelon, Apples, Oranges etc.

7th April, 2021: Baking Workshop for Students


The Skill Development Committee conducted a One-Day Baking Workshop on the 7th April 2021. This Workshop was organised for the students, primarily targeting the outgoing 6th semester students. Registration for the said Workshop was voluntary & a total of 46 students enthusiastically signed up & participated. The Workshop included hands on demonstration, involving the students’ active participation. The Resource Person for the program was KCK Faculty, Dr. Neikiehenuo Mepfuo, Functional English Department.

5th June, 2020: Mask Distribution by Faculty


Some faculty volunteers handed out free masks to certain economically backward sections of Kohima town as part of community outreach during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

2020: Student Welfare Committee, Kohima College donated considerable amount of food donations to the student community during the Covid Pandemic Lockdown period


Headed by Student Welfare Committee Convenor, Ase Yalie, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, Kohima College, the Committee worked tirelessly throughout the Pandemic lockdown period to ensure that students had food & water aid when supplies were scarce.

June 2020: #KCKlockdownbiodiversity Project


On the occasion of World Environment Day, June 5, the IQAC, Kohima College encouraged Kohima College students to post videos of themselves helping the environment while maintaining social distancing.

2020: Faculty Lockdown Diary


Various members of the Kohima College faculty voluntarily created Home-Made videos of themselves making many special food items, displaying varied gardening techniques etc., during the 2020 Nation-wide Covid Pandemic Lockdown period.

2020: Faculty Volunteers for Central Kitchen aiding the Covid-19 Quarantined Patients of Kohima District


Led by the Vice-Principal then, Thinokhrienuo Tseikhanuo, 6 faculty members volunteered as help in the Central Kitchen during the Covid-19 Pandemic Lockdown period. This kitchen was supplying food for the quarantined Covid-19 patients at the various quarantined centres in Nagaland.

Kohima College Kohima
Covid-19 Team Report

◉ During the first wave of Covid-19 and the consequent period of lockdown, help was rendered, through the kind initiation of Ms. AseYalie, to students who had been stranded and unable to go back to their homes. Food items as well as monetary assistance were given to them.
◉ In 2021, during the second wave, upon the detection of the first positive cases from the Goodwill Boys’ Hostel on April 26 th , and later from the UGC Girls’ Hostel, a team to look into matters relating to Covid-19 was constituted under the Principal and Vice Principal, KCK.
◉ A sum of Rs. 50,000/- was donated to the Goodwill Boys’ Hostel from the Office of the Principal to cover expenses of food and other supplies, in addition to sanitisers, fumigators, disinfectants and 6000 litres of water.
◉ Besides the medicines that were sent for the students by the medical department, Oking hospital, there were contributions of medicines and oximeter from faculty members and principal.
◉ On May 3, 2021, the “Covid Care Fund” was started and entrusted under the responsibility of the Vice Principal. Monetary contributions from the faculty members amounting to Rs. 52,000/- was collected. Further, aid for the students in the form of different fooditems were donated by various individual faculty members, departments, committees like the Students’ Welfare Committee, neighbours, etc.
◉ Through timely coordination among the District Task Force, office of the Chief Medical Officer, the college authority, hostel wardens and the students involved, matters were handled efficiently. The team remains grateful forthe ceaseless cooperation and generoussupport extended by both the faculty members and the college students union during the entire ordeal.

Report submitted by
Temjenrenla Ozukum
Asst. Professor
Dept. of English
Nodal Officer