April 6, 2022: 53rd Cultural Day cum Food Festival: Folk Song, the Traditional Attire & Signature Dish Competitions

List of Various Competition Winners:

  1. Folk Song Competition
    1st place: Bendangmongla Ao (Solo)
    2nd place: Khriezomenuo Angami & Co. (Quartet)
    3rd place: Atenla Seb Rengma (Solo)
  2. Traditional Attire Competition
    1st : Konyak
    2nd : Khiamniungan
    3rd : Tikhir
  3. Signature Dish Competition
    1st : Sumi (5000/-)
    2nd : Angami (3000/-)
    3rd : Rengma (2000/-)
53rd Cultural Day Programme

26th March, 2022: Story-Telling in Tenyidie in collaboration with Speak Tenyidie Project

Speak Tenyidie project is a small initiative started by Zedino Seyie Mepfhuo & Dr Neikehienuo Mepfhuo to encourage the younger generation to speak the Tenyidie language. It has been functioning on Instagram under the name ‘Speak Tenyidie project’ explaining the names of the alphabets, animals, birds etc in Tenyidie.

Story tellers Zapuvisie Lhousa & Vizonyü Liezietsu, writers with multiple publications brought with them traditional Tenyimia wisdom through this collaborative project.

The event was chaired by Chathavino Sakhrie Chielie, attended by about 61 people: ranging from 6 to over 60 years.

21st February, 2022: Inter-College Folk Song Competition on the occasion of International Mother Language Day in collaboration with IQAC, KCK

21st February, 2022: Winner of the Inter-College Folk Song Competition: Menuolhounuo Lese, Baptist College