2nd May, 2022: Department of Political Science Educational Trip to Highland Institute, Kohima to attend a workshop on “Naga Ancestral Voices & Visual Arts”


Accompanied by Dr Ketoukhrieu, Department of Political Science, the 2nd Semester Political Science Honours students were able to attend the workshop on “Naga Ancestral Voices & Visual Arts”. The workshop allowed students to interact with various researchers working on various themes such as cylindrical sound recordings of JH Hutton (eminent British administrator of the Naga Hills), song recordings of Thomas Kaiser, art pieces by Mhao Aaron Odyuo etc. Alto

23rd April, 2022: Department of Political Science's Eco- Educational Trip to Dzuleke Conservation Village


Accompanied by 6 faculty from Political Science Department, 31 6th semester students taking Political Science Honours, volunteered to participate in this eco-educational trip, organised by the same said department. The department faculty had funded the entirety of the trip to this well-known Conservation village.
Dzuleke is an open-defecation free village, with traces of utopian human society & culture, rarely found in the modern world. A well-constructed wooden shed lay by the side of the road selling organic vegetables. The uniqueness being that there were no vendors, as it is self-selection of organic products as well as self-payment.
The students also learned to make plates out of wild leaves & observed the pristinely kept natural village and its varied surrounding. Network connectivity is absent in this area.

Accompanied by 7 faculty members, the 66 students from 6th Semester History Honours visited the Tuophema Tourist village, where they visited the rural museum & some historical sites of the village.

Accompanied by 8 faculty members, the 61 students from 6th Semester Political Science Honours with official visitor passes visited the public gallery of the Nagaland Legislative Assembly & witnessed a live budget session with all the lively debates, procedural motions for bill passage etc.