RETHINKING FAITH by RZIM & Student Ministry

A program under the theme ‘Rethinking Faith’ was organised by the Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM) & Student Ministry, NBCC on 29th August at Kohima College, Kohima.

Tejdor Tiewso and Dr. Kethoser Kevichusa from RZIM, India were resource persons for the programme. Tejdor Tiewso in his message spoke about the pursuit of men for Significance, Love and Security. “Even with the accumulation of wealth and power, the heart remains empty” “The appetite of the heart is unimaginable and only God is strong enough to fill it”, he stated.

This was followed by a Q&A session with the two resource persons where the students asked questions regarding faith, relationships, and doubts from the Bible. It was an enriching experience for all present.

Dr. Avinuo Kire, Asst. Prof, Kohima College, chaired the programme, while the Welcome Note was given by Vice Principal, Smti. Thinuokhrienuo Tseikha. An Introductory was given by Khrievi Sahu, Student Ministry, NBCC and Praise and Worship by the RZIM Team from KABA youth. A special song was presented by the Kohima College students.

A one-day workshop on Research Methodology was organized by the Research Cell of Kohima College, Kohima, with Dr. Seyiekhrielie Whiso, Asst. Professor and IQAC coordinator, Science College, Jotsoma, as resource person.

“Research Methodology is a specific technique of selecting the right tools to analyze data”, stated Dr. Watijungshi, Principal, KCK, in his keynote address. He encouraged the college teachers to focus on research work as the quality of a college depends on its teachers, and that research activities carry a huge plus point during NAAC assessments which strives for “quality”.

Dr. Eunice Alinger, Secretary, Research Cell, KCK in her brief outline on the Importance of the Workshop stated that the Research Cell, KCK initiated this workshop for various reasons, but mostly because of the UGC’s introduction of the API (Academic Performance Indicator). She also stated that no Indian University has a place at the top in the Global University Ranking, and in the last five years, the ranking of the Indian universities has gradually declined, hence came the urgency for UGC to introduce API to: 1. Interest research work in India, and 2. Add to the volume of research work in India, targeting Indian Universities to become more competitive in the Global Ranking. However, there is now an unhealthy trend of Research activities being taken up by teachers hurriedly for the sake of promotion which results in poor-quality research. She therefore said that the objective of the Research Cell, KCK is to encouraged the faculty members to do research purely out of love for research, and because it is essential, as educators, to write about Naga Culture and document Oral Narratives.

Resource person, Dr. Seyiekhrielie in his presentation on Research Methodology elucidated the methods and techniques, objectives, types and structure of a research paper. He also stressed on the UGC norms and Amendments in API under CAS (Career Advancement Scheme).

The concluding remarks were given by Smt. Moanungla Kevichusa, HOD English Dept., KCK, and the vote of thanks by Smt. Megovono Usou, Coordinator, IQAC, KCK.