Mentoring Cell


  1. To help students understand their tendencies, interests and abilities etc., better.
  2. To help students gain information on important issues/matters thereby enabling them to achieve their target goals.
  3. To help students in planning for realistic, educational and vocational choices.
  4. To establish feeling of mutual understanding between teachers and students.

Every year, at the beginning of the academic session, teachers are given a list of student names to be mentored. Mentors contact the students assigned to them during their free periods or according to individual convenience. Mentoring is given on personal development, academic progress and choice of career. Mentor sheets are used to collect relevant information about the students and for future reference. Mentees who require more counseling are referred to a Psychiatrist.

On completion of Mentoring session, the Mentor sheets are submitted to the Convener for discussion. The difficult cases are screened out for further course of action with the Psychiatrist.

Mentoring Cell

  1. Diesino Soho :Convener
  2. Rokuovonuo Dozo :Secretary
  3. Temjenrenla Ozükum :Member
  4. Ako Savi : Member
  5. Akono Phira : Member
  6. Lashili G Chishi : Member
  7. Ngiplon Rachel Chohwanglin: Member