Women Cell

The WOMEN CELL of Kohima College, Kohima was formed on the 3rd of august 2011 with a necessity under two considerations under the theme “Attitudes& Attire”;

Introduction: The formation of Women Cell is a necessity under two considerations,
a) That, education is life, wherein, it should enable women to perform their roles/duties effectively and confidently;
b) Women should be made aware of their rights and responsibilities towards building good society.

Aims and objectives:

  • To look into the welfare of the girl students
  • To build confidence in the girl students
  • To develop various life skills through trainings
  • To inculcate moral values through discussions and individual counseling
  • To create awareness on the roles/ duties and right of women so as to prepare them to protect themselves from any sort of harassment
  • To instill in them the sense of responsibilities in building a good society
  • To conduct short vocational training so as to promote work culture
  • To impart knowledge on health and hygiene

Activities of the Cell: Towards these considerations, the women cell had conducted a cooking class where senior girls were also given training on making vegetable pickles, dried meat pickles and were taught with etiquettes of table manners. On the role of women for clean living, two girls from each class used to be given charge of looking into the cleanliness of their respective classrooms. Again, with the objective of creating awareness on decent dressing and dignity of work among students as well as workers, women cell donated aprons to the sweepers of the college. On statutory rights of women, it had organized a legal awareness campaign in partnership with the Nagaland State Commission for Women in which, the Panel laws for protection of women and the role of police in safeguarding women’s Rights were discussed, coming to the conclusion that educated persons have the bounden duty to educate our uneducated female counterparts starting from our own homes. Show casing of fashions designed by students organized. With issues like gender equality, women reservation etc being under debate world-wide, debates and extempore speech programmes were organized to enable students to develop right attitude towards life on the whole

Keeping in view the second stated objective of Women Cell, KCK, “That, women be made of their rights and responsibilities towards building good society”, a debate on the topic ‘……’ in which male students also participated. A fashion display of some designs of the students where faculty and students of The Global Open University attended. A talk on “Fashion Technology and its scope” was presented by ….. a faculty from TGOU. The programme was jointly organized by the Women Cell and Women Department of KCSU on the 17th of April 2014.

The Women Cell, KCK endeavours that every girl student in particular live with the right attitude and act accordingly within and outside the campus. To this end therefore;

  • We invite every student to associate with the Women Cell and participate whole-heartedly willingly in the programmes organized by the Cell.
  • Share your concerns about issues (gender related or otherwise) affecting you within or outside the college premises with any member of the Women Cell.
  • We reiterate that the Women Cell is at the service of EACH AND EVERY student of Kohima College.


  1. Vitsolenuo : Convener
  2. Limajungla : Secretary
  3. Dziesebeinuo Yhome : Member
  4. Nozoseno : Member