Library Committee

Library Management Committee

Kohima College Kohima Library stands as the back bone and the most important assets of the college for all the members of the college and outsiders as well. Therefore to monitor all the functioning and development of the library, a committee called Library Advisory Committee has been formed since the inception of the college. This committee has been acting as the driving force for better improvement and development of the college for many years. All developmental activities and action plan execution of the library are closely monitor and executed by the committee.

Objectives and Functions of Library Advisory Committee:

  • To consider policy matters regarding college library and departmental library including procurement of books and journals etc.
  • To look into day to day problems of the library clientele, library staff and send requisition to the higher authority for further improvement of the library.
  • To frame rules and regulation for the use policy of the library.
  • To monitor proper functioning of the college library.
  • To bring development in the library.
  • To facilitate all members of the Kohima College in scholarly activities.
  • To obtain and bring resourceful study materials in the library in order to facilitate the students and staff of the college.
  • To modernize the library by computerizing the library to look all the affairs of the college.


  1. Dr. Eunice :Convener
  2. Librarian :Secretary
  3. Evothung :Member