Launch of Loneliness is an Orange –a collection of poems

Loneliness is an Orange -a collection of poems written by Emisenla Jamir was launched on November 6 at Kohima College, Kohima. The book was released by Dr. Watijungshi Jamir, Principal, Kohima College, Kohima. Published by Barkweaver Publications and Illustrated by Limatula Longkumer, the book is a collection of fifty poems.

Emisenla is a writer from Kohima, Nagaland. Going by the Instagram handle @emisen_j her poems and musings have already gained popularity on social media. Her short story “Deliberate Delirum” was published in an anthology of short stories titled Raconteurs from the Hills (PenThrill). She also co-authored a collection of women’s poetry titled Woven Words (Heritage), by the Dept. of English, Kohima College, Kohima. She is currently working as an Assistant Professor (English) in Kohima College, Kohima.

“This collection of poetry is a presentation of Emisenla’s delicate gift with words and thoughts. The poet travels through the pages of the book, sharing herself with the reader and also voicing the readers deepest thoughts, emotions and experiences in a ‘modern’ Naga world that is being pulled by the forces of tradition and modernity, with the former inevitably losing out. She speaks of a ‘world filled with people rushing through life,’ where ‘one can feel extremely isolated and alone. She questions, on her poems, ‘the apathetic nature of the people, (including herself in it) and their guilt in their inability to reconcile the past with the present” -Barkweaver Publications

Emisenla, in her speech, stated that she started writing poetry quite late, that she was more of a reader than a writer but she realised that it was about time she put down her thoughts on paper. “It has long been a dream of mine to publish a book of poetry”.”I wrote this book of poetry for myself, my other selves and for others”, she stated, and thanked Dr. Easterine Kire for welcoming her into the Barkweaver family.

Dr. Watijungshi, in his brief speech stated that NAAC stresses on quality education which emphasises on research and publications, and that this will not only boost the poet’s API but also the college’s. He further thanked her for bringing laurels to the college.

“It was an honour for Barkweaver to publish such high quality material”, stated Dr. Michael Heneise of Barkweaver while giving the Publisher’s Note. He applauded Emisenla for her achievement and for touching so many lives with her work, particularly the lives of young people who may have struggles of different forms. He further quoted philosopher Emmanuel Kant “Poetry is the highest form of art” stating that Poetry is a medium that doesn’t need charm. Poetry presents the material forward without the elements of charm that are used in music or theatre. “Anthropology, Theology, Philosophy, Sociology, the sciences in many regards are sciences that are in search of the ‘soul’, but Poetry is the ‘soul’”, he stated.

The program was chaired by Dr. Avinuo Kire and a special number “Blowing in the Wind” was sung by Everpresence, students of KCK. An invocation prayer was pronounced by Mr. Temjen Sempo, Associate Pastor, KABA.