Kohima College observes Freshers’ Day

Kohima College observed its 50th freshers’ day on June 30 with Dr. Neikiesalie (Nicky) Kire, MLA, as the chief guest.
Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Kire stressed on the importance of education and of fulfilling one’s responsibility. Exhorting the students, he said these few years are the most crucial as one could easily be mislead into temptations causing one to wreck their future. 
He further stressed on the importance of two-way communication among teachers and students and on the importance of developing a habit to speak out and having a voice. He also advised the college to keep record of KCK Alumni and their achievements in the college website as that will speak for the college. He also released the college magazine (2016-17).
The welcome address was delivered by Dr. Watijungshi Jamir, College Principal, wherein he extended hearty welcome to the chief guest and his entourage and to the freshers of KCK. He encouraged the students to use freedom and time wisely and added that they should take full advantage of all the facilities provided to them and make the best use of the quality education that is imparted by the well- qualified teachers.
Neingulo Krome, president of KCK Alumni Association, presented the meritorious award –scholar’s badge, citation and cash award –to Miss Dzüzienuo Yhome, subject topper (Tenyidie honours) in the University examinations 2017.
The program was chaired by Miss Nütalü Keyho, while the invocation prayer was delivered by Dr. Konei Nakhro and special numbers presented by Miss Virie and KCK students.
The induction of the new team members for the Kohima College Students’ Union was led by Lily Angami, Assistant Professor & Conveyor KCSC, where Nukedu Dawhuo, outgoing general secretary, and Vimeyiekho Visto, incoming general secretary, delivered speeches and Dr. Theyiesenuo, Assistant Professor, prayed for the new KCSC team. Words of acceptance were delivered by Avezo Kevin Kapu and Miss Mangyang L.
The declaration of Mr and Miss Freshers was also held and the formal session of the programne was concluded with the vote of thanks delivered by Medokerhe Therie.