Functional English Workshop with the Four Felons- 21st March 2017

The Four Felons performing Spoken Poetry

Functional English Faculty & Students with the Resource Persons

On 21st March 2017, a Spoken word poetry workshop was conducted by Functional English department with ‘The Four Felons’ as the resource persons. Spoken word poetry is still at a very nascent stage in Nagaland and as such, relatively unknown. However, these four young ladies: Dzϋvingϋnuo Dorothy Chasie, Akule Lasuh, Shϋrhonuo Tsϋrho, and Inatoli Jimo, who are currently pursuing their masters degree at N.U, had inspiring and encouraging ideas to share. They urged the students to use this medium as a creative outlet to express opinions and thoughts on issues/subjects that touch lives and leave an impact. Also, in this age where we find ourselves easily connected to other people and culture, they reminded the students to use poetry to heal and not to injure others.

The program was chaired by Hütülü Chuzho. Poetry read by Ketosϋle Ltu and Moapongla Longchar, a guitar recital by Sentener Aier and Vote of thanks delivered by Kekhriesetuonuo Solo. The Q & A session was moderated by Imtisenla Longkumer. The recorder for the workshop was Kikrukhrieϋ.

In their interaction with the Functional English students of Kohima College, the Four Felons described their journey so far, their thoughts and passions, the process that goes into each performance they make, and how each original creation of theirs is an expression of their spiritual and earthly nature.

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