Evangelical Union

Evangelical Union

Kohima College Kohima

Be my witnesses

Acts 1:8


Mission Statement: UESI (Union of evangelical students of India) seeks to evangelize post-matric students of India, nurture them as disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Vision Statement: Transformed students impacting the campuses and nation as disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ.
UESI is a students’ ministry, it was launched in 1954 in Chennai as a national movement. By God’s grace we are blessed to have EU in our college, EU has been looking into the spiritual needs of the students in Kohima College.
The main activities of Evangelical Union include- Bible Camp, Discipleship Camp, Hostel penetration, personal evangelism, fellowship, raising testimony and prayer meetings. Through these activities, many students come to know and receive Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour.

Committee Members Of Evangelical Union Kohima College

for the tenure 2015-2016

“Be my witnesses”


1 President Ketuoravi Tepa
2 Vice President Tangmong
3 Secretary N. Lhepong Konyak
4 Asst. Secretary Shayhunle
5 Finance Secretary Nuzovo Chizo
6 Asst. Finance Secretary Lieyinthung
7 Music Secretary Khengchuba Peri
8 Asst. Music Secretary Vakranuo Ngukha
9 Prayer Secretary Lesou Rhi
10 Asst. prayer Secretary Victoria Mekro
11 Mission Secretary Honglin
12 Asst. Mission Secretary Meshenti
13 Programme Secretary Jeving Shiu
14 Asst. Programme secretary Shehulü Vadeo
15 Editor Shongmo
16 Asst. Editor Tsuno
17 Information Secretary Atokhu Awomi
18 Asst. Informaton Secretary Yikhutu
19 Librarian Hannah Tep
20 Representative to KICEU Vikito Zhimo

Advisors :

  1. Dr. Ketoukhrieu :Advisor
  2. Limajungla :Advisor