Cooking Cell



Cooking and baking has become an industry in Nagaland. In recent years, the demand for caterers for different occasions has increased. As such, anybody who is interested can start their own small business with a little investment and be employed. Considering particularly the female students who are innately interested in cooking and baking, such pre vocational courses can help them get better future prospects and skills transmitted through such programs should prepare young people for gainful employment.




  • To generate interest in cooking.
  • To give opportunities to develop cooking skill.
  • To impart pre vocational courses which can help students get better prospects and equip them for gainful future employment.



Cooking and baking classes are organized for the faculty/ staff as well as the students. The Cooking cell has procured several cooking implements that are required for successful organization of cooking and baking classes. Responses from students have been very positive. It has been observed that the students have taken a very pro active role in cooking activities and the experience has been rewarding. Therefore it has been resolved that these activities will continue on a regular basis in the ensuing academic years.



  1. Temjen- Convenor
  2. Mego- Secretary
  3. Ameü -Member
  4. Maongla - Member
  5. Chatha - Member