1.The Alumni Association


The Alumni Association of Kohima College, Kohima was formed on the 29th of August 2011. This association was formed to facilitate re-union of all its past pupils and establish a sense of belongingness among the ex-students. This is an appropriate platform for the alumni to voice their expert and experienced views and provide an avenue for their active participation in the development of the institution. It is hoped that this body can be a strong and dependable pillar for the college to mentor and generate sincere, committed participation of all, in all its developmental activities. It is a matter of pride and great satisfaction that today, several of the alumni of this college have progressed to further studies or are gainfully employed in various capacities in Government Departments, Semi - Government including education, administrative services, the police dept, media, sports, law and business enterprises, music and the performing arts, religion and politics. Some have also been elected as representatives in the State’s Legislative Assembly, even as Ministers. An Alumni Association of the College has recently been formed and the College is presently engaged in tracing its ex-students. The Alumni Association of the College is presently working out the logistics to actively involve past alumni in the developmental activities of the college ever keeping in mind the College motto “Search for Excellence”. Passed out students of previous batches are among the hundreds of Alumni members. The students of all these batches are among office bearers, event organizers and executive members.

The First Alumni Association Members


Mr.Neingulo Krome President
Mr.Neilezo Tep Vice President
Smt.Nino Iralu General Secy
Mr.Kenei Peseyie Asst Gen. Secy
Ms.Eunice Alinger Treasurer



  1. Smt.Asenla Temsu
  2. Mr.Neiba Newmai
  3. Mr.Rovilato Mor


2. Alumni Committee


Aims & Objectives

  • Alumni are the most important asset to the college in providing feedbacks to the growth and progress of the college.
  • It is a powerful organ to determine how far the college is impacting the society.
  • To comprehensively assess the realization of the aims and objectives of the college.


  • The alumni can and is the most powerful force in contributing innovative measures towards the progressive growth of the college,
  • It is the most powerful stakeholder.
  • “Sense of ownership” that each alumni has for the college can be exploited to the maximum for the welfare of the college.
  • Placed in almost all strategic positions their help is invaluable in times of need.




  1. Ketholelie - Convenor
  2. Dr. Emisenla - Secretary
  3. Theyiesinuo - Member